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Astronomy and Archaeology

Natural History and Genesis 1
Responding to YEC Criticism of Navigating Genesis
Lee Strobel The Case for Christ
Ask the Beasts and Birds - Hugh Ross, PhD
Occult w/ Hugh Ross
The Case For A Creator With Lee Strobel
Noah's Flood was NOT Worldwide Pt. 2
Mythbusters Q & A with Ed Young and Dr. Hugh Ross - Saturday Night
Harmony between Christianity and Science
God of Wonders: Scientists prove Almighty God's existence through Science
How long are the creation "days" in Genesis 1?
The Bible and the Big Bang - Jeff Zweerink, PhD
Putting Creation to the Test. Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Fuz Rana at Purdue University
GENESIS Creation Days & SCIENCE , Hugh Ross
Science and Faith Enemies or Allies By Hugh Ross
Archaeology: Dr. Walter Kaiser
The Archaeological Evidence. Charlie Campbell
In the Beginning... Hugh Ross
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