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Christians Debating Issues

Hugh Ross vs. Jason Lisle - The Age of the Universe
Full Definitive Debate on the Issue
Debate: Catholic vs Protestant - Catholicism and Evangelicalism - Scott Hahn vs Kenneth Samples
Christian vs Atheist (Walter Martin vs Madalyn Murray O'Hair) - 1968
Seventh-day Adventism - Walter Martin vs William Johnsson
How Old is the Earth? Debate between Hugh Ross verses Kent Hovind
Lawrence Krauss vs. Ray Comfort
Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort debate atheists
Why Evangelical and Catholic Differences Matter
The Papacy
Hugh Ross vs Peter Atkins • Debating the origins of the laws of nature
Putting Creation to the Test. Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Fuz Rana at Purdue University
Genesis Debate
Muslim vs. Christian Debate
1985 Debate: Oneness Pentecostals (UPCI) vs Trinitarians
Catholicism VS Protestantism DEBATE Pope's Athority
God, Darwin or...Both? Part I
Mariology - Who is Mary according to Scripture?
Freemasonry - Dr. Walter Martin
Catholicism VS Protestantism DEBATE Justification
KJV Discussion Complete
Walter Martin Bahai's vs. Christianity DEBATE
The Great Debate on Science and the Bible
1985 Debate: Oneness Pentecostal vs Trinitarian
Debate on Baptism
Jones vs. Lewis Debate on Baptism
Virgin Mary's 7 Steps to Godhood Via Catholic Dogma Exposed by "Bible Answer Man" Walter Martin
Is Jesus God?
The God Debate II: Harris vs. Craig
The Tribulation and the Rapture - Dr. Walter Martin (Historic Premillennial)
God, Darwin or...Both? Part III
Now is the Time to Reach the World with the Gospel is Now - Part 8
The Great Debate VIII: Is The Roman Catholic Priesthood Biblical & Ancient? (White vs Pacwa)
God, Darwin or...Both? Part II
God, Darwin or...Both? Part V (and last)
God, Darwin or...Both? Part IV
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